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Hotel Almenara

Renewable energies

Solar panels

Above all, clean energy.

NH Hotels covers its roofs with solar panels to produce clean energy. Just imagine: with this amount we could supply a town of 1,000 homes.

This is one of our optimum planetary care measures, as in coming years we will continue to work on other renewable energies such as biomass (reuse of organic waste) or geothermal energy (power generation from heat).

Because at NH Hotels, our main goal is to use energy intelligently.


Reduction in water consumption

Reuse of water for irrigation

Its importance is crystal-clear

At NH Hotels we are aware of the importance of such a prized, scarce resource. That is why we are starting to implement state-of-the-art water recycling technologies.

When you play on our golf courses or stroll through our gardens, think about this: all the green you see is thanks to an intelligent way of reusing water.

Because if there's one thing we're clear on, it's that water is one of our most important environmental resources and must be looked after.


Reduction in energy consumption

OTIS elevators project

If you're going to be moving around by car, first take the elevator

One of our most ground-breaking pilot projects is intended to generate energy for recharging an electric car. But you wouldn't imagine how using an elevator!

This is possible thanks to a set of pulleys that are attached to the lift, which produces energy when the car moves down by gravity and uses it to recharge electric car batteries.

These eco-efficient elevators enable us to supply the hotel's recharging points with the energy needed to drive 30,000 km.

A good way to keep on contributing to looking after our environment, caring our planet.


Reduction in energy consumption


Perfect temperature

Thanks to the highly efficient technologies used in our hotels’ air conditioning systems, you can now choose just the right temperature for you, making efficient use of energy.

To cool air, we use the Free Cooling method. Sounds refreshing, right? It consumes as little as a hand-held fan, as it uses the outside temperature to keep each of the rooms at the perfect temperature. Since air conditioning represents 40% of a hotel’s electricity consumption, you can imagine how significant that reduction is.

For heating, we use condensing boilers: they produce hot water, which consumes less and therefore pollutes less. This type of boiler is twice as efficient as a conventional boiler.

So, every time you stay in one of our rooms, choose the most comfortable temperature for you. We ensure the minimum energy consumption and the lowest environmental impact.



NH Collection Monterrey

Reduction in energy consumption


Uniting the world to protect the planet

Every year we support the  #EarthHour. This initiative promoted by the WWF organization (World Wildlife Fund for nature) proposes to turn off the lights of monuments and symbolic monuments to bring attention to the impact of climate change.

NH Hotels plays its part in this initiative, turning off our exterior lights every year from 20:30 to 21:30.  This initiative is considered as the best global campaign to bring awareness to the fight against climate change.

In  NH Hotels we adopt many methods to save natural resources, you can find out about them all by visiting our website.

Are you in? To find out more about #EarthHour visit the oficial website here.


Renewable energies

Eco-efficient lifts

Save energy: use the elevator.

NH Hotels has decided to incorporate the latest technology in our elevators to make them more efficient. They can therefore generate energy even when going down, thanks to a revolutionary system based on the reuse of kinetic energy generated by movement. In fact, it's quite similar to the KERS technology used in Formula 1. When it comes to environmental sustaintibility, we want to be leaders, too.

Proof of this is the energy we save with this new generation of elevators: up to 3,600 kg of CO2 a year, the same your car would consume if you traveled from Madrid to Berlin.

This way, every time you have to go up or down  to your room, it doesn't matter how you do it.  You can rest assured knowing  you are saving energy and taking care of the environment.


Reduction in energy consumption

Exterior sign with LED technology

A bright idea

Do you like ganzing at a starry sky? We do too. That's precisely why the signs and exterior lighting of new NH Hotels  use LED technology. It's the most innovative when it comes to energy efficiency, wich hepls us contribute to the important task of keeping our skies clear.


LED lamps save up to 80% compared to conventional lighting. That's  why since 2011 NH Hoteles have been changing all light bulbs that remain lit longer than 12 hours, wich has resulted in the replacement of more than 60,000 bulbs. Can you imagine how much energy that saves? To give you an idea, with all those bulbs you could light up 1,970 m of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

This way,  when you look at the sky you can see your favorite constellation in all its glory.


Reduction in energy consumption

Sunscreens for windows

Optimum protection

In most of our hotels, the windows are equipped with high protection sunscreens and heat filters, adapted to the area's climate. These provide better insulation and lower environmental impact regarding energy consumption for air conditioning, as sunscreens reduce the cost of air conditioning by 30%.

A major step forward which means you can relax comfortably in your room at NH Hotels, enjoying the perfect temperature wherever you are.


Reduction in energy consumption

First in Europe!

NH Eurobuilding an ecofriendly hotel!

NH Eurobuilding not just an amazing hotel with many amenities and great facilities. It is also the first hotel in Europe to achieve the ISO 50001 certification. This certifies that each and every aspect of its management is designed to reduce energy consumption to reduce the environmental impact.

You can enjoy many ecofriendly services; from a menu of organic products, compensate your bussines meetings with zero emissions, recharge your electric car in our parking and even enjoy the many sustainable measures implemented in the rooms.
From now on, NH Eurobuilding is not just an option for its services and location, is also an energy efficient and ecofriendly hotel!

Carbon footprint

With all our energy!

Certified energetic efficiency

NH Hotels has been the first international hotel  chain to be certified worldwide in the "ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems."

The ISO 50001 certification is the most important international Systems Energy Management, which supports the efficiency of environmental and energy management based on continuous improvement throughout our chain.
At NH Hoteles from the TV to air conditioning are designed to protect the environment without you noticing.