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NH Collection Sevilla

Reduction in water consumption

Tap, shower and toilet more efficient

A delightful shower

What a great feeling to arrive at your hotel and enjoy a relaxing shower.

In NH Hotels you can enjoy your showers even more, knowing that our showerheads have the latest improvements to save water. 

This initiative already introduced in most of our hotels for showerheads, taps and toilets, results in a reduction of more than 1.7 million m3 of water since 2007. Or enough water to fill more than 702 Olympic swimming pools.

Every time you shower at NH Hotels, you are already saving some water, in your hands… join us to save some more! 


Reduction in water consumption

Greywater recycling

Water has many lives

We want to take advantage of all of them. That's why in some of our NH Hotels we have installed devices to recycle greywater, which we reuse for watering. Separate drainpipes collect rainwater and shower water which, after being treated, feeds tanks which supply water, which is later used to irrigate our hotel gardens and golf courses.

This is to ensure that every drop of water is used to the limit.


Biodiversity protection

Green laundry programme

Green, I love you green

NH Hotels has been committed to a strong green initiative for a long time: our “green laundry” program. To ensure sensible use of water and detergents, we replace towels when you leave them on the floor and change your sheets every three days, unless you request more frequent changes. So every time you stay in NH Hotels and make this environmental gesture, you are saving 10 liters of water.

With our laundry program we have managed to save more than 30 million liters of water since 2009. All this water could fill the world's largest aquarium, located in Georgia, Atlanta.

The program which undoubtedly most looks after natural resources. With results like this, we bet you already adore green.



NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Reduction in energy consumption

Light bulbs with LED technology

Relax, you can turn on the light

At NH Hotels we have replaced traditional light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs in all our hotels, enabling us to save 75% on lighting.

In 2 years we have changed out more than 700,000 bulbs. If we were to line them all up, we could illuminate 42 km of road, the equivalent of the distance of a traditional marathon.

Knowing this, don’t you feel reassured every time you turn on the light?


Reduction in energy consumption

More efficient minibar and televisions

What do you fancy?

We want to save energy. That's why opening up  the minibar, turning on one of our televisions and choosing what you want becomes an environmental gesture. Why? Because these appliances consume less than any others on the market: they have been selected based on maximum efficiency criteria and now consume 36% less than 4 years ago.

When it came to saving energy, we make the best environmental choices.


Carbon footprint

Employees / Training


Thanks to everyone in NH Hotels, and with your help, we have contributed to caring for our planet. Having received valuable environmental training, we're able to know what measures are being implemented throughout the chain and how we can each collaborate in our respective roles to meet NH Hotels’ environmental goals.

So every time you stay in one of our hotels, you can be sure that you are also contributing to keep the environment, to build a more sustainable world.


Biodiversity protection

Ecofriendly wood

Carefully chosen furniture

Our NH Hotels room furniture is chosen based on both aesthetic criteria and their lifecycle environmental impact. That is why we buy FSC certified wood, helping to contribute to biodiversity conservation.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent organization that ensures sustainable forest management, as it respects the environment and the rights of local communities and workers.

When it comes to choosing something as simple as a desk, it must be right for the room while respecting the environment.


Biodiversity protection

More and more eco-certified hotels!

In Italy and Central Europe increase the number of certified hotels

 As we want to offer the best in all our hotels, every year increase the number of new hotels with certifications. In 2011, a total of 19 of the most prestigious hotels at NH Hotels have been certified for the most demanding environmental certification ISO 14.001.

From now on, when you run into some of these new hotels certified you will know that everything is designed by and for  provide the best service to you while it cares the environment.

These are the hotels certified: