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NH Madrid Principe de Vergara

Biodiversity protection

Environmental assessment of suppliers

Let’s strike a deal to respect the environment

To achive this, NH Hotels carefully choose which suppliers we work with. Because it is not only about demanding the highest quality, but also the same environmental standards and commitment as ours, allowing us to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum impact on the environment. This means we can be certain that our activity respects the environment.

Because at NH Hotels we know we must have the best in order to offer you the best.


Waste reduction

Waste recycling

Oil can be used for much more than just cooking

In most of our hotels, the oil used in our kitchens is collected, stored and sent for recycling. By doing this environmental action,  around 200,000 kg of biodiesel, a green fuel obtained from plant oils or animal fat, can be produced a year. This amount can supply electricity to numerous homes during the course of a year.

Most curiously, no one would have said that a day’s heating comes from leftover cooking oil.


Biodiversity protection


Our restaurants leave a great taste in your mouth

14% of our hotels serve organic products, food produced through organic farming free of pesticides and other chemicals, which look after both the environment and your health.

For example, Madrid's NH Eurobuilding has an organic menu for clients which includes organic produce from local suppliers. And in all our NH hoteles throughout Spain and the Netherlands you can find at least one organic product on the breakfast menu.

A really tasty environmental alternative in NH Hotels which will help you to look after yourself while caring for our planet too.


Waste reduction

Project Cork2Cork

A pioneering project

Did you know that bottle corks normally discarded are actually very valuable? By sending them to a recycling plant, they can be used to produce insulating material to improve the energy efficiency of our future hotels. It's a global pioneering project which contributes greatly to recycling. Since more than two million wine bottles are uncorked each year in NH Hotels, you get an idea of just how much material can be generated to be recycled!

If you would also like to join this initiative, bring your own corks to any of NH Hotels on your next visit. This simple gesture will have a very positive environmental impact.


Biodiversity protection

Fair trade coffee

The best place to have a coffee

If you care about green issues, you will be interested to know that NH Hotels serve fair trade coffee in our meeting rooms.

We therefore promote a voluntary, fair trade relationship between producers and consumers, which monitors compliance with ethical values.

An initiative which invigorates us as much as a good cup of coffee.


Meeting rooms

NH Arnhem Rijnhotel

Carbon footprint

Carbon neutral events

Zero impact on climate change

Do you want your meetings and events to be carbon neutral? With NH Hotels they can be. We can estimate your event’s carbon footprint and, if you like, ensure the climate change impact is zero.

This is achieved by offsetting greenhouse gases through a project we are working on in Brazil, which generates carbon credits. Each credit represents 1 ton of CO2 no longer emitted into the atmosphere.

This project aims to reduce the greenhouse gas effect of the emissions of a small hydroelectric plant in Pimenta Bueno River in Rondônia state, Brazil. This helps displace the consumption of fossil fuels used in this area’s electrical system and is supported by the VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) certification, awarded by Det Notske Veritas (DNV).

A simple gesture such as this at NH Hotels can turn any event into an act of solidarity with the environment.


Biodiversity protection

Ready for the meeting?

Forget about conventional meetings. Move to ECO-Friendly Meeting


All meetings, conferences and events at NH Hoteles are ECO-Friendly meetings Our ECO-Friendly Meetings are based on sustainability criteria and ensure the respectful use of energy resources and use of low environmental impact products:

  • Our meeting rooms consume less water and energy than a conventional room thanks to the installation of high-efficiency devices and equipment.
  • Pens are made from oxobiodegradable material. This means the plastic which they are made from is broken down in no more than 7 years, instead of the 300 years it would take for a normal pen.
  • Notebooks have been designed in line with sustainability criteria.
  • In our ECO-Frinedly meetings, we serve chilled water in jars instead of bottled water, avoiding the generation of millions of plastic waste bottles.
  • We serve fair trade coffee in ECO-Friendly Meetings. Through fair trade we promote a voluntary, just business relationship between producers and consumers, which monitors compliance with ethical values.

If you wish, you can also request a CO2 emissions offset certificate which ensures that the environmental impact of the event, i.e. its carbon footprint, has been offset by a solidarity action for the environment.

Undoubtedly, the most positive type of meeting.