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Swimming pool

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Reduction in water consumption

Swimming pool

Enjoy a water-saving bath

To help save water, NH Hotels has been using consumption reduction systems since 2007. We are continuously updating our equipment with the most modern technology. We are particularly concerned with monitoring how much water our swimming pool taps consume.

Because one extra minute from each of our clientes is equivalent too many liters of water that we want to avoid!


Biodiversity protection

Ecofriendly towels

Details that help the environment

At NH Hotel Group we are continually committed to care for the environment, even in the smallest gestures. That's why our towels are environmentally friendly. They have the Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex standard, which ensure compliance with environmental criteria throughout the product lifecycle:

  • Ecolabel is the European labeling system that ensures that harmful substances to the environment have been limited during production.
  • Oeko-Tex is the testing and certification system for textiles.

Two certificates that guarantee our maximum respect for the environment.



NH Collection Barcelona Constanza

Carbon footprint

Positive footprint

We want to leave a positive environmental footprint

The carbon footprint is the sum of all greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. It's a key indicator that summarizes the environmental impact of an activity.

At NH Hotels we have long been working to reduce the average footprint of our rooms, which is currently 6.41 Kg of CO2/room&night. Proof of this is that, since 2007, NH Hotels has reduced it by 70%, i.e., we have stopped emitting more than 48 million kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is equivalent to planting 63,890 trees.

This is undoubtedly the best carbon footprint we can leave.


Renewable energies

Lighting control

We only consume what we need

At NH Hotels we like to use energy efficiently, so we only use it when we need it. If you look closely, the lighting inside and outside of our hotels has detectors and timers to minimize power consumption. These devices also provide added comfort, you do not have to worry about switching lights on and off.

And to achieve a optimised use, different rooms in many of our hotels are automatically adjusted to daylight and occupancy.

Because the greenest energy is the one that is well-spent.


Biodiversity protection


A great job

We can presume that our offices do a good job, a especially when it comes to green issues. And NH Hotels care about how we manage the energy we use in each of the processes, promoting best environtmental practices to reduce consumption of electricity, water and paper, and for proper separation of waste. Some examples of this is the configuration of Energy Star sleep mode on computers, the placement of bins for different types of waste and limitation of air conditioning temperature control to optimize energy consumption.

So that you too form part of these initiatives, we promote electronic billing processes. Ask for it always and you will help us to reduce our paper consumption. Thanks to this simple gesture in recent years, we have managed to save 2.5 tons of paper.

Another example of a job well done that NH Hotels cares for our environment.


Renewable energies

Green energy

NH Hotels stays up to date

We do this by using green energy, or rather energy produced 100% from renewable sources, such as biomass, wind and the sunshine. A concrete breakthrough in this field because more than 130 of our hotels have the certificate that proves that all electricity consumed is of this type.

Because we know that by keeping up to date, our planet will be better cared for.


Carbon footprint

Our environmental plan

The plan from 2008 - 2012 has been a success!

Thanks to the many environmental measures taken in all of our hotels, we have reduced our goals far from expected! 

We began our Environmental Plan in 2008 and at the end of 2012:



We have avoided... ...the equivalent to...
The emision of  48.000 tonns of CO2 The plantation of 85.528 trees

The consumption of  4.826.535 kwh

The annual consumption of  38.493 people.

The consumption 6.043.545 litres of water

The annual water consumption of   38.493 people.

The production of 10.421.609 kg of waste.

The waste produced by 21.139 people in a year.


And now, we keep working to improve. We have new plan with new objetives, we keep taking care of our environment.