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Bike Park

NH Barcelona Diagonal Center

Renewable energies

Recharging points for electric vehicles

If you're green, you can plug in at NH Hotels

Because we've installed 71 charging points in NH Hoteles car-parks  for electric vehicles in 29 European cities. So if you've got this kind of car, you'll be able to drive through the city's streets with peace of mind as you help to reduce pollution.

This really is a good plug.


Carbon footprint

Green move

Sustainable mobility

At NH Hotels some of our hotels offer a rental service of electric bicycles. Thus we provide an alternative method to travel around town in a clean and environmentally way whilst avoiding crowds and fumes.

NH Hotels works to make your movement in the most sustainable way.

Reaching beyond the sustained commitment of urban mobility, we all go further.


Carbon footprint

Car sharing

Why not sharing the car?

Car sharing is a new way of moving. Simple: A car parking space available in the hotel, many other parkings spaces at rest of the hotels to park in the center of Madrid, just pay for the renting time... And without generating emissions!
Since April 2013 NH offers its customers access to a rental service of clean cars. A new way to emission-free mobility and respectful with the environment.
Available at NH Eurobuilding as a first step, the extension of the service being provided to other NH hotels in the capital: NH Alberto Aguilera, NH Alcala, NH Habana, NH National, NH Pacifico, NH Paque de las Avenidas, NH Principe de Vergara and NH Sanvy and Hesperia Hermosilla.
You move and we take car that you do it in the best respectful and friendly way with the environment.