Reduction in energy consumption

Exterior sign with LED technology

A bright idea

Do you like ganzing at a starry sky? We do too. That's precisely why the signs and exterior lighting of new NH Hotels  use LED technology. It's the most innovative when it comes to energy efficiency, wich hepls us contribute to the important task of keeping our skies clear.


LED lamps save up to 80% compared to conventional lighting. That's  why since 2011 NH Hoteles have been changing all light bulbs that remain lit longer than 12 hours, wich has resulted in the replacement of more than 60,000 bulbs. Can you imagine how much energy that saves? To give you an idea, with all those bulbs you could light up 1,970 m of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

This way,  when you look at the sky you can see your favorite constellation in all its glory.

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